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AW Poll: Google Pixel 6, what's your impression: top or fail?

AW Poll: Google Pixel 6, what’s your impression: top or fail?

Google released a lot of information about the Google Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro on Monday. A total of six different types of colors are displayed, information about the modified slides, and much more. What is your first impression? Is it on top or a flop or something in between?

Google Pixel 6

This fall, Google will once again present its two best devices Pixel 6 in a Pixel 6 Pro. Last The company revealed a lot of information About the best upcoming devices. The Pixel 6 and Pro version both come in three colors that were already clearly visible in the official photos. The horizontal camera arrangement at the back is striking.

The Pixel 6 and the Pro variant share the same camera lenses, only the Pro phone has an additional periscope camera, good for 4x optical zoom. Moreover, attention has mainly focused on the Tensor processor, which is a self-designed chipset that will focus heavily on artificial intelligence and special pixel functions. For example, we know that the phone produces blurry images It can make it more intenseAnd Google is already teasing out features around speech recognition.

A potential drawback to the festive spirit is that Google is still making its new phones Not released in low countries. So you will have to buy them again from abroad and redirect, or you can wait for them to end up in our online stores by gray import.

AW poll

So we want to know what your first impression of the devices is now that so much is known. Do you love them and think they are the “best”? Maybe you don’t like the looks or features at all and vote for “FLOP”? Also explain why you find it interesting or not in the comments at the bottom of this article.

Google Pixel 6 Pro