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Twitter lets you sign in with your Google or Apple ID

Twitter is adding two new ways to securely log into your account. From now on, you can sign in with your Google ID or your Apple ID.

Your Google ID is now a valid login method via the web version of Twitter or the Android mobile app. For Apple, the integration works a little differently. There, the Twitter app now supports Sign in with Apple. Weblogs should also be possible later, too late Twitter I know. You will also be able to create a new Twitter account using your Google or Apple ID.

Of the two new features, Sign in with Apple seems the most interesting. Apple introduced the third-party feature at the Worldwide Developers Conference in 2019. It was set to become its own alternative to similar services from Facebook and Google.

Apple ID: Better for privacy?

Apple claims that its sign-in feature prevents tracking and thus increases your privacy. In addition, it allows you to hide your email address by creating a secondary address that will then forward messages to your physical mailbox.

Either way, the new Twitter support for Google and Apple ID will once again boost trust. The social medium already offers the ability to log in with your Twitter account on some websites. The fact that Jack Dorsey and his colleagues are already competing with themselves with the new features may not outweigh the ease of use for members.

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