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Perseid meteor shower will blind Vancouver Sky

Perseid meteor shower will blind Vancouver Sky

If you live to enjoy great views of the sky, you don’t want to miss this month’s extraordinary meteor showers.

The Perseid meteor shower always brings many bright photography stars to a picturesque summer show. Best of all, the Perseid Shower is one of the easiest to see from the Northern Hemisphere.

Every year the Perseids can be seen as the Earth passes through a “road” Comet Swift Tuttle From 17 July to 24 August

Showers will peak on August 12 and 13. When the sky is darkest — in the darkest hours after midnight — as many as 50 to 80 meteors per hour can scatter across the sky, according to Canadian Space Agency (CSA). And on the nights before the peak, more and more meteors will appear.

Where did the pigeon get its name?

The Canadian Space Agency notes that the Perseus meteorites “fall from the Perseus constellation.” In addition, the constellation is at its highest point in the sky just before sunrise, when most of the shooting stars are visible.

The Greek mythological hero Perseus defeated Medusa by using a reflective shield to “turn her forces against her.”

Afbeelding via CSA

Tips for finding meteorites in Metro Vancouver

To enjoy the full view, here are some tips for meteor hunting:

  • If possible, stay away from city lights, which can make faint meteors difficult to see. To increase your chances of seeing falling stars, look for dark skies in the countryside.
  • If a flashlight must be used, place a red filter on top of the flashlight (a red balloon fits the casing). The white light is very dazzling and can affect your night vision.
  • Wear warm clothes. Although pergolas appear in summer, it is still a good idea to bring warm (even winter) clothing. August nights can be very cold.
  • Sit and relax in a chair or lie on a blanket. Not only is it convenient to see the stars, you’ll see more that way.
  • Fill the thermos with hot chocolate or coffee – it will come in handy if you start running around or get a little cold!
  • be patient. It may take a while before you see your first star. Do not rush to give up … it is worth the wait!
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