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Being overweight increases the risk of dying of uterine cancer

Every year, nearly 2,000 women in the Netherlands are told that they have uterine cancer. This makes it the most common gynecological cancer in the Western world. Body mass index (BMI) is commonly used to determine if someone is overweight. However, BMI does not look at fat distribution or muscle mass.

Hannah Donkers research shows that women who have a lot of visceral fat (the fat around your organs) and obesity with little muscle mass have a higher chance of dying from uterine cancer. She is therefore calling for a broader view of obesity: “Not only by looking at BMI, but also in fat distribution and muscle mass, we can better guide patients and offer a specialized training program with nutritional advice. Hopefully this will allow us to improve the survival rates for these women. “.

Hunt America

Because of the Pap smear and HPV vaccine, cervical cancer is well known, while cervical cancer is more common. Additionally, many people don’t know that obesity is the biggest risk factor for uterine cancer and that it also reduces survival. Obesity is known to cause high blood pressure, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease, but its relationship to uterine cancer is not yet known. “Although many people in the Netherlands are obese (sick) as they do in America, things are going in the same direction. Dunkers says the obesity pandemic may cause more healthcare costs and problems than the Covid-19 pandemic. What What is her advice? ”If you have abnormal vaginal bleeding, get a checkup. Especially if you are overweight. If you get it early, treating uterine cancer will be easier. “

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Promising future

Donners’ research also shows that there is a promising possibility: a new diagnostic method. A urine test may speed up the diagnosis of uterine cancer and facilitate it in the future. By examining the urine for the presence of small particles of human genetic material, uterine cancer can be detected. These specific RNA molecules play an important role in obesity and are seen in many different diseases, including cancer. Such a test can take a lot of pressure off this target group, because biopsies or boring tests are no longer necessary.

Written by: Nationale Zorggids