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Belgian bill for metadata retention is a ‘de facto ban on Signal’ – IT Pro – News

I’m afraid of polls here. If you do, take it seriously and make sure there are enough guarantees to have a calm discussion on the topic.

In any case, the referendum in the Netherlands was not carried out properly. In my opinion, referendum is still an excellent way to introduce more democracy into society. A method of intervention, modification, or temporary decision-making by the population. Something that should not only be used interactively, but also actively, so that you can deal with topics that play a role only later than the campaign.

So you see that, as you yourself have pointed out, also in Switzerland but almost all countries in Europe have a choice directly (eg by petition) or indirectly (eg by a politician) to start a referendum (which I can find, after Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegovina, there is no in Norway, Cyprus and the Czech Republic either, but sometimes a referendum is organized there on a legal basis).

Besides the fact that this has always been an advisory referendum, you can also have doubts about the design. Topic like “Are you for or against the EU-Ukraine Association Agreement Approval Act?” It is just too big. The Partnership Agreement book (323 pages) should have been made a lot less complicated somehow.

In my opinion (almost) no one was against the WIV update, the question of whether the law introduced at the time was good enough can be debated. However, this is for or against, even if you want to in principle but only want to tweak some (small) points. However, it is for or against while it is often more gray if you ask the question this way. In addition, it was not obligatory. In 1952, it was also possible to hold a trial referendum in Europe.

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In addition, there was voter turnout (30%) and fewer polling stations were used than in municipal elections, etc., which means you take it/look less seriously and you can also ensure that there is no or no voting strategically.

In my opinion, the Netherlands was not able to make good use of the referendum because of the way it was presented.

“Should communication apps keep their users’ data for a certain period of time?” It is an example of an uncomplicated question that you can easily answer with a yes and no.

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