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“Belgian station operator Sea-Invest halts work after cyber-attack” – Computer – News

According to the Belgian newspaper De Tejd, work at Sea-Invest has been suspended since Friday. The company operates port terminals around the world for the transit of bulk cargo. Insiders reported that the company was the victim of a cyber attack.

De Tijd spoke with insiders who claim that all Sea-Invest activity has virtually ceased since Friday. Sea-Invest . Wanted against The newspaper did not respond. A spokesman for them said they would not comment.

However, there seem to be problems with the transit of goods. Supermarket chain Colruyt expects problems at Sea-Invest to disrupt deliveries of food items, including pineapple and bananas. Although the supermarket does not expect customers to notice this.

Sea-Invest handles cargo in Belgian ports and is also active in South Africa, Germany, France, Poland, Ivory Coast, Luxembourg and Senegal. The company employs 5,500 people and according to its own figures, the company processes more than 150 million tons of cargo annually.

This would not be the first time that port terminals have been targeted by a ransomware infection. In 2017, Rotterdam was also a target for hackers and had two stops. So the port began in Prepare A digital fire brigade to prevent these types of attacks.

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