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New York Times buys Wordle and keeps it free for now – Games – News

First of all: you haven’t heard of it in a long time, because it’s only been around since October : +

How did you become so famous? Well, it has all the ingredients that make something popular (short or long term): simple and quick to play, a new challenge every day, and the ability to share the “imprint” of your solution that day with friends. The latter is of course an excellent way to get a quick spread.

I honestly don’t understand how the New York Times thinks this is worth a 7-figure investment, but that’s the way things go with the crap. Just because it’s going to the New York Times, I expect the popularity (the hype) to go away a little faster. After all, every change is a potential “quit” moment. Besides, I think this game has all the symptoms of transient noise because you got tired of it at some point. Wordfeud was also hype, but I still see it being played because people are playing amongst themselves, which doesn’t happen often with Wordle.

I understand the writer’s work well; He’ll be infinitely aware that this is the hype, and that you should take advantage of it if you can.

Why the strange world that is so similar to Lingo? Lingo is also largely copied from other games, but it’s a little different.

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