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Belgian zinc smelter makes 100 megawatt-hour battery and will store energy with excess – IT Pro – News

He used to have a good compressor that used up a few watts more, but it’s been running for over 30 years without a problem.

Now there is a garbage compressor in it that consumes a little less, but hardly becomes 10 years

With more economical devices you have “digital” compressor technology where there is an additional electronic unit to make the compressor sometimes deliver more energy and sometimes less,
It again leads to a slightly lower total consumption, and now you have an additional electronic unit that if you don’t dust everything out every year (useful with a built-in fridge/freezer) it may actually malfunction after 3-4 years.

As a result, the appliances already consume a little less, but instead of every 30 years, you now have to make a new freezer every 10 years (in China) on average, move it with a big coal steamer here and then put back the also damaged fridge every 10 years to China so they can recycle it “very environmentally friendly”.

Now you can tell me which “real” ones are better for the environment, old ones that use a little more for 30 years, or new ones that use a little less but you can throw away every 5-15 years †

We see the same problem with dishwashers and washing machines …. Such an eco-label is beautiful of course, but at first A is only with SPECIAL ECO 40-60 (with washing machine) and simply everything in the energy-consuming device is of a weaker type ††