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Milestone: Driving is no longer mandatory in US self-driving cars |  Technique

Milestone: Driving is no longer mandatory in US self-driving cars | Technique

General Motors wants to make a self-driving car without brake pedals or a steering wheel that can drive on public roads. However, this was not possible according to the old rules. For example, cars must have a driver’s seat, steering wheel, side mirrors and adequate windows. These regulations have now been amended: “For vehicles designed to be fully controlled by an autonomous drive system, manual control is logically unnecessary,” the regulator said.

The safety of the passenger remains paramount. For example, children are not allowed to sit in the former driver’s seat, even if the car is traveling alone. In addition, every manufacturer of a self-driving car must still be inspected by the regulator.

Self-driving cars can be divided into five different levels. In the first level we talk about limited assistance to the driver such as cruise control. The second step is to allow the driver to let go of the steering wheel and pedals, but they still have to be willing to take matters into their own hands. At the third level, the car can drive completely autonomously in optimal conditions. Just think of a sunny day on the highway. In the city, on the other hand, the third level requires an attentive driver.

A level 4 car makes decisions on its own on every type of road. The driver can focus on other things. Extremely exceptional circumstances, such as severe weather, require intervention. The fifth step eliminates the need for handlebars and pedals.