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Belgium beat Chile

Chile’s hockey fairytale came to an abrupt end on Saturday night in the crossover. At the Wagener Stadium, Belgium downgraded the team of real coach Sergio Vigil with difficult numbers: 5-0. On Tuesday, the Red Panthers are the Netherlands’ next opponent in the quarterfinals.

Before the game, Chile’s players took to the field, singing and dancing, for their warm-up. This raised the eyebrows of ordinary passers-by. Chile’s enthusiasm is certainly beautiful, considering participation in the World Championship as a prize. But whether this was the right product for a crossover was highly questionable.

It was David against Goliath Saturday evening at Wagener Stadium. Belgium dominated throughout the match against Chile. Playing in her third World Championship at the age of 24, Stephanie Vanden Borre began a punishing trip to Chile. Minutes later she curled the first penalty corner of the match half-high past goalkeeper Claudia Schüler’s stick.

National coach Raul Ehren clenched his fists after another Belgium goal. Photo: Willem Verns

Vanden Borre, who has been in bloody form at this World Championship, won Justin Razir’s penalty corner from the Red Panthers midway through the first half to make it 2-0. This is his sixth goal in this World Cup. Vanden Borre leads the top scorers along with Argentine trail event Agustina Corcellani.

Belgian hockey’s biggest jewel, attacker Charlotte Englebert, was then the center of the spotlight. He extended the lead further with a tip-in from distance, and then he made it 5-0 with a brilliant individual move. Belgium stepped on the accelerator in the last quarter. The 5-0 was Belgium’s second biggest World Cup win. Only in 1974 did they record an even bigger win: 6-0 against Austria in the crossover.

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Belgium V Chile 5-0 (4-0)
6. Stephanie Vanden Borre 1-0 (SC)
14. Justin Razir 2-0
15. Stephanie Vanden Borre 3-0 (sc)
20. Charlotte Engelbert 4-0 (SC)
31. Charlotte Engelbert 5-0

Belgium were too strong for Chile on Saturday evening. Photo: Willem Verns

Germany-South Africa 1-0

Only Germany’s tenth penalty corner was scored on Tye Danas’ successful crossover. With the score tied at 0-0, South Africa’s Nick Lawrence struck in the 38th minute. She dragged the ball past goalkeeper Phumelela Mbande, who had been on target for the entire match, but only had to concede once.

Apart from South Africa’s sporadic bursts, Germany dominated for sixty minutes. This was also evident in the penalty corner ratio. Only twice were South Africa allowed to go from the top of the circle, Germany more often: seventeen times.

With drag pros Sonja Zimmerman and Nike Lorenz, Germany has a reasonable presence at the head of the circle. But despite this, Valentyn Aldenburg’s side failed to pull the trigger apart from Lorenz’s striking toe. So South Africa dreamed of a stunt till the last second, but it was not possible for a moment.

After the horn, Germany cheered more modestly. The world number four will realize that he needs to increase his revenue from penalty corners. New Zealand is the opponent in Tuesday’s quarter-final. The team topped a tough group with England, India and China.

Germany – South Africa 1-0 (0-0)
38. Nike Lawrence 1-0 (SC)

Germany beat South Africa 1-0 on Saturday. Photo: Willem Verns