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Belgium continues to hope for a solution to a French wind farm close to the border

Belgium continues to hope for a solution to a French wind farm close to the border

The French government wants to establish a wind farm 10 kilometers off the coast of Dunkirk, near the Belgian border. This park will span an area of ​​55 square kilometers and contain a maximum of 46 wind turbines, which together generate 600 megawatts of electricity. However, the park’s location is a problem, according to Belgium. For example, there is a problem with the historical shipping routes between Ostend and the United Kingdom.

So Belgium suggested an alternative location to the north. North Sea Minister Van Quickenborn sent employees to Paris at the end of last month to consult with the French government.

However, they indicated that they would continue with the plans. The Belgian government was informed of this by the French government at the end of last week.

The Belgian government has two months to appeal against the decision, but it is also fully committed to dialogue to find a solution, says Van Quickenborn. “We continue to insist on further consultations,” he added.

However, French Environmental Transition Minister Barbara Pompili reiterated that the government is following its plans. For example, there will not be a local referendum, which is something that many political parties and organizations in the region are demanding. “We will not start with referendums every time a project is completed,” she told a news conference in Dunkirk.

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