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Belgium left third after the mixed relay test at the World Cyclocross Championships |  World Cyclocross Championship 2022

Belgium left third after the mixed relay test at the World Cyclocross Championships | World Cyclocross Championship 2022

Italy is the first (unofficial) mixed relay world champion at the World Cyclocross World Championships. The Belgian quartet began trying the UCI as the favourite, but Italy and the United States proved their worth.

Excellent sweet start

So third place is not hoped for first place. However, Belgium was the frontrunner, also due to the absence of the Netherlands, at the start of this beta test. The event in a nutshell: 4 passengers each ride one lap and relax each other.

It was a promising start for our country. Daan Soete had to start really hard in the first place and was also in the lead on a tough slope.

Kiona Crabbé was thrown into battle with a difference of about 13 seconds. However, the Czech Republic was stalking Michael Burros. He took over after a financial problem. Then Crabbé sprinted in fourth.

Still on stage

Then it was up to Alicia Frank to nibble at this backlog. The knight also fought, but had to leave the American Honsinger, among other things.

All eggs are in Niels Vandeputte’s basket. In the lead, on the last lap, a duel between the American Funston and the Italian Toneatti ensued.

Vandepot started furiously. Everything to bridge the gap with the frontrunner, but it just didn’t get that far. Italy won. So Belgium has to settle for third place.

Faucet! This is how the relay went in the mixed team relay

Niels Vandeputte tries to bridge the gap: rewatching the last round of the mixed team rotation

  1. 20 hours. Italy wins. The first mixed team rally in the Italian enclave. America A crosses the line in second place. For Belgium with Nils Vandepute. So a bronze medal for our country. .
  2. 20 hours. The Italian Tonetti thought it was enough. He distances himself from American Funston. Italy can offer the best cards. & nbsp; .
  3. 7 p.m. 58. Vandeputte does everything he can and is now down to third. Now it’s time to search for the leading duo. With a gap of 14 seconds, it’s still playable. & nbsp; .
  4. Nils Vandepute has to chase a lot. 7 pm 56.
  5. 7 pm. 55. A battle develops between America and Italy at the front. It was quickly followed by the Czech Republic and then Belgium. & nbsp; .
  6. 7 pm 55. Final round. We’re diving into the last round with the Czech Republic still in the lead. Niels Vandeputte now has to do it for Belgium. Can he still get something out of the fire? .
  7. 19 hours 52. 33 seconds. Has the Czech bird flew yet? Zimanova leads 10 seconds over Italy. Followed by Belgium in fourth place with a time of 33 seconds. .
  8. 19 hours 48. Alicia Frank took third place. Although America’s Honsinger is stuck in her cupboard. & nbsp; .
  9. 19 hours 48. Alicia Frank has to wait a long time before she starts.

    Alicia Frank has to wait a long time before she starts

  10. 7 p.m. 47. Half-way race. The Czech Republic starts the third round as leader. Alicia Frank now has to provide furniture for Belgium. Is there still a stage? & nbsp; .
  11. 7:46 p.m. Boros has yet to bury the hatchet. Near the end of the first round, the Czechs changed into first place anyway. Quickly followed by Kiona Crabbé has now fallen to fourth place. & nbsp; .
  12. Kiona Crabbé starts second for the Belgians. 19 hours 45.
  13. Bad luck for Boros. Boros is not in the lead for long. It has to deal with the breakdown of the material. Meanwhile, Persico takes over. & nbsp; . 7 pm 43.
  14. 7 p.m. 42. Meanwhile, Michael Burruss meets Italy and America. He also jumps over and over Boss Crabbé. & nbsp; .
  15. 7:40 p.m. America and Italy were alerted to the chase. Close and Perseco are eager to bridge the gap. Of course Kiuna Krabi wouldn’t allow it to happen like this. .
  16. 7 pm 39. Click! This is how the transition in the mixed sequence passes.

    Faucet! This is how the transition in mixed sequence goes through

  17. 7 pm 37. Switch. The first switch is already in Daan Soete’s match is over. Kiona Crabbé departs for Belgium with a good lead. & nbsp; .
  18. 7 pm 37. Daan Soete does what is expected of him: a very strong opening. He has a big lead on the American hunt. The gap is 13 seconds. .
  19. Daan Soete waited patiently before launching his attack. 7 pm 36.
  20. 19 hours 33. Soete is in the lead. Daan Soete should be thinking “up and more”. He embarks on a furious climbing trip and instantly cuts a gaping hole. & nbsp; .
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