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Benedict Cumberbatch recently saved a family in need through his film experience

Benedict Cumberbatch scored the most goals The power of the dog, In which he plays a cowboy and the landlord of the largest farm in the Montana Valley. The actor has been nominated for an Oscar, but even after the film, Cumberbatch continues to use his ‘cowboy talent’!

During a recent interview, the beloved actor talked about director Jane Campion’s film, for which he had to learn how to drive cattle. However, this also came to hand after the recordings.

Herd of cows
For example, Cumberbatch says: “We shot the film in New Zealand and then I went to the UK to recover. I decided to go to a beach where I had to walk through a big fieldHowever, here the actor finds something strange.

A large herd of cows ‘circled’ it as it was and ran into a family that could not go anywhere. So Cumberbatch decided to lend a hand: “In that field a family, a herd of cows, and their calves, were really paralyzed by the fear of coming too close. They could not go anywhere

The actor came to the rescue and disbanded the herd: “The family was really impressed with it. They thought it was really unbelievable. After that Sherlock recognized me as an actor too, but I said Sherlock could never do that!

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