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When and where to watch FC Barcelona vs Athletic Club

When and where to watch FC Barcelona vs Athletic Club

After a great victory in the Europa League, FC Barcelona’s next home game is coming Game Club In the Spanish League.

If you are unable to watch the match, or would like to add your viewing experience with additional information, please note that our match center can provide full coverage of the match, including live broadcasts from the stadium and post-match comments. On the official website from the club.

You can find us too Minute text updates per minuteLink to listen to it Live commentary in English on Radio Barcelona Have more fun!

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We provide a list of broadcasters who have the right to show games in different countries or regions. Although we list them here, keep in mind that we are I can not Make sure they actually show the game. This is not for us and should visit their websites for more details

Sunday, February 27th

United States

Vancouver (12.00 m); Toronto (3pm)

USA and Puerto Rico
Los Angeles (12:00 pm); New York (3 p.m.); San Juan (4:00 pm)

Mexico City (2:00 pm)
Wis, sky

Central America and the Dominican Republic
San Jose (2:00 pm), Panama (3:00 pm); Santo Domingo (4:00 pm)
TUDN, Sky, Sports Max (Doom Actor)

Nassau (3 p.m.); Kingston (3pm); Cain (5:00 pm)
Sports Max, ESPN
ATV (Suriname), BeIN (French speaking countries)

Spanish-speaking South America
Bogota (3:00 pm); La Paz (4pm); Santiago (5:00 pm); Buenos Aires (5:00 pm)
ESPN, DIRECTV, Diego (Bolivia), IVC (Venezuela)

Brazil (5:00 pm)


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North Africa
Casablanca (9pm); Cairo (10pm)
Engaging in sports

Sub-Saharan Africa
Thakkar (8:00 pm); Yaounde (9pm); Cape Town (10pm); Nairobi (11.00 m)
Super Sport 7, Star Times, Canal +, ZAP (Angola and Mozambique)


Iceland (8.00 m)

United Kingdom and Ireland (8.00 m)
Premium Sports, La Liga TV

Portugal (8.00 m)
Eleven games

Spain (9.00 m)
MovieStar, Orange, Cole, La Liga TV (see)

France (9.00 m)
Engaging in sports

Belgium and Luxembourg (9.00 m)
Eleven games, game

Holland (9.00 m)
Zigo Sports

Germany, Austria and Italy (9.00 m)

Switzerland (9.00 m)

Malta (9.00 m)

Norway (9.00 m)
Fight, TV2

Sweden (9.00 m)
C. More

Denmark (9.00 m)

Poland (9.00 m)
Channel +, Eleven Games

Czech Republic and Slovakia (9.00 m)

Hungary (9.00 m)
Muscle 2

Balkan Republics (9.00 m)

Albania (9.00 m)
Super game

Finland (10.00 m)
C. More

Baltic states, Belarus and Moldova
Riga (10pm)

Ukraine (10.00 m)

Romania (10.00 m)
Check out Plus, Fine, and Digi Sport

Bulgaria (10.00 m)
Max Sport

Greece (10.00 m)

Cyprus (10.00 m)

Israel (10.00 m)
A game

Moscow (11 pm)
Teleport, Occo

Turkey (11.00 m)
Game +, DSmart

Caucasus Region
Baku, Tbilisi (00.00 hrs January 3rd
CetantaAnd this CBC (Azerbaijan), Silknet (Georgia)

Asia and Oceania

Arab countries
Mecca (11pm)
Engaging in sports

Iran (11pm)
Engaging in sports

Monday 28th February

Central Asia
Tashkent (1:00 p.m.); Noor Sultan (2:00 am)
CetantaAnd this UzReport (Uzbekistan), Voot, MTV (Afghanistan)

Indian subcontinent
Islamabad (1:00 am); New Delhi (1:30 am); Dhaka (2:00 am)
Bigfoot, MTV

Ulanpadar (4:00 am)
SPS Classic

Southeast Asia
Bangkok, Jakarta (3:00 p.m.); Manila (4:00 p.m.)
Engaging in sportsAnd this Skynet (Myanmar), SCTV, VTV Cape (Vietnam), PPTV (Thailand), CTN (Cambodia)

China (4:00 p.m.)
IQIYI, Shan’xi Sports, Shanghai Great Sports, Guangdong Sports, Tianjing Sports, Jiangsu Sports, Fujian Sports, Hubei General, Yunnan Public, Xinjiang Sports, Ningxia Youth, Dalian Culture, Heiliongjian Entertainment, cdv, cdv, cdv

Hong Kong (4:00 p.m.)
Viu, La Liga, Bein, Now

Macau (4:00 p.m.)

Japan (5:00 am)
Dawson, wow wow

South Korea (5:00 am)

Sydney (7:00 p.m.)
Engaging in sports

New Zealand (9.00 am)
Sky Sports 7 beIN game

Babbitt (10 a.m.)
Engaging in sports