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Sea Lion disrupts football match in New Zealand

Sea Lion disrupts football match in New Zealand

The animal emerged from the playing field while New Zealand’s Bradley Scott was watching his daughter play football. The football field is not far from the beach.

The match was stopped

The sea lion initially lay on the edge of the field and had a low profile, but when the 13-year-old players started the game, the animal became active. The sea lion moved to the center of the field and forced the game to stop.

The game was moved to a nearby field, but soon the sea lion followed the children. “The audience tried to scare the animal and direct it back to the side of the violin,” says Scott. Local media. It eventually worked, after which the animal disappeared back into the sea.

Hilarious situation

The presence of the sea lion caused joy among the parents of children playing football. However, everyone keeps the appropriate distance: sea lions can become aggressive if they feel threatened. New Zealand authorities therefore advise people to always keep a distance of at least 20 meters from animals.

Last week, a label anywhere else in Dunedin caused a stir because the animal blocked a local road.

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