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Britney fans weren't satisfied with meeting younger sister Jimmy Lynn

Britney fans weren’t satisfied with meeting younger sister Jimmy Lynn

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It’s ABC Good Morning America that Britney Spears’ younger sister (40) was able to wreak havoc. Jamie Lynn Spears (30) will be there on Wednesday to tell us about her book Things I should have said and her family. Something Britney fans can’t thank her for.

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Things are not going well between sisters Britney and Jamie Lynn. Earlier, Britney appeared to have unfollowed her sister who is 10 years younger than her on Instagram. Britney actually showed that not only did her dad take advantage of her all those years, but her entire family actually took advantage of her.

The fact that Jamie Lynn is now appearing in an exclusive interview is not on the minds of many Britney fans. According to them, Sister Spears would like to make more money from her. “She really needs to stop selling crap. Would she have done this interview if Britney was still in custody? Nope, she does everything for money,” one tweeter said.

Jamie Lynn also had to change the title of her book in a hurry. At first I went CV I have to admit reveal his identity. But this was also seen as a shameful plagiarism of Britney’s biggest hit darling again. So in the end it became Things I had to say.

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