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'Big Brother' lasts 84 days, not 100: 'But it has nothing to do with ratings'

‘Big Brother’ lasts 84 days, not 100: ‘But it has nothing to do with ratings’

Big Brother was set to be more unpredictable than ever this year, and it shows. Play4 confirms that the experiment will not last for a symbolic 100 days this year, but will indeed stop on day 84. “Residents will be surprised by this news and will have to rethink their tactics,” said Play4 spokeswoman Barbara Salomon.

Big brotherViewers were surprised when two residents suddenly had to leave the house at the same time last Saturday. Will the experience be shorter than expected? So yes, the final will actually take place on March 26, whereas last year it was only in April. Currently, there are eight residents left at home and 4.5 weeks left.

And the idea that the decision came about due to disappointing viewing numbers, the channel wants to get rid of immediately. “We would like to continue with the viewing numbers that we have now,” it appears in Play4. “On average, there are about 403,000 viewers per episode. The Play247 channel, where you can follow residents 24/7, also reaches another 512,000 Flemish, each of whom watched the live broadcast for an average of 12.5 hours.”

The shorter duration of the program is an evolution that fits the bill for a release that could become “more unexpected than ever”. Last year we emphasized those 100 days of our contacts. This year we didn’t say it would take a hundred days. Residents will probably expect it, which will surprise them when Big Brother tells them that it will end at the end of March. They will have to rethink their tactics. It brings a nice touch to the game.”

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Big brotherEvery weekday at 7:40pm and Saturday at 8pm at Play4.