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'Magic Mike 3' returns with Channing Tatum, though he didn't quite like it: 'I had to starve myself' |  film

‘Magic Mike 3’ returns with Channing Tatum, though he didn’t quite like it: ‘I had to starve myself’ | film

filmWork is currently underway on the final film in the “Magic Mike” trilogy: “Magic Mike’s Last Dance”. If you’re a little familiar with the genre, you know there are a lot of muscle and six-pack boxes in the picture, but of course it doesn’t come that way. Lead actor Channing Tatum (41) almost dropped the role due to a difficult training schedule that he now has to pursue again. On the other hand, Matthew McConaughey (52 years old), on the other hand, wants to use his best comedic skills again.

Tatum has almost made his tight tummy his trademark. But for the third and final film of the Stripper trilogy, he has to put up with a very grueling fitness regimen. Tell more about this on ‘The Kelly Clarkson Show’. He shared how he was initially reluctant to reprise his role as stripper Mike Lane for the latter film, given the strict diet he has to follow.

The actor told Clarkson that he didn’t want to do a third movie at first because he felt his body wasn’t quite right. “It’s hard, even when you’re training, to be in such good shape,” he said. “You have to starve yourself,” he said. “I don’t think being skinny is actually healthy for you,” he said. Tatum admitted that training for the role took a lot of his time and that it’s harder for him to lose weight now than it was when he was younger. However, he’s open to making another “Magic Mike” movie when he’s old: “When we’re 70, I want to bring the team back together and make an old man’s version,” he laughed.

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In an interview with Variety, Matthew McConaughey joked that he was interested in participating in “Magic Mike’s Last Dance”: “Channing Tatum, call me buddy!” “I haven’t heard from you yet!” McConaughey played the owner of a Dallas strip club in the 2012 film, but decided not to participate in the second film in 2015. It is not yet clear if he will actually appear in Magic Mike 3. McConaughey said in the interview that he should read the script before committing to it.

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