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Bitcoin Good morning: `` BTC has proven itself money ''

Bitcoin Good morning: “ BTC has proven itself money ”

good morning! We have included the latest news for you. Start your day with a Bitcoin breakfast.

Bitcoin is priced at $ 55,717.03. There are 18,685,800 traders and the market value is 1,041,117,321,478.83.

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Cathy Wood is convinced of Bitcoin and buys $ 110 million from her ARK Fund Queen Piece COIN shares. That Reuters reports.

ARK Investment Management bought a total of 341,186 Coinbase shares. This is divided into three funds: ARK Innovation ETF, ARK Fintech Innovation ETF, and ARK Next Generation Internet ETF.

The focus of the company is not on the original names, shall we say .. Collectively this money now has an additional $ 110 million in the form of a new currency.

Bitcoin is a convenient way to save. But it’s also money, so you can spend it on the things you want. However, even for Bitcoin clients who have taken advantage of the recent price increases, the offer below may be a bit pricey.

A penthouse apartment in One Hyde Park in London is selling for $ 240 million (£ 175 million) and you can pay with BTC and / or ether. This will cost you more than 3,800 Bitcoin.

American billionaire Ray Dalio believes that Bitcoin has now proven itself as money. He told this during a Bitcoin conference at Texas A & M’s.

Dalio is the founder of the hedge fund Bridgewater Associates and believes other asset managers should pay close attention to bitcoin. BTC has proven itself and is not just a speculative asset in its eyes.

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Gives some (unwanted) advice: If you want to diversify, you should get Bitcoin. Dalio asks why you should keep government bonds or cash. With these assets you cannot preserve your purchasing power.