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Overview.  The average number of hospital admissions decreased slightly |  Instagram VTM News

Overview. The number of Corona patients in hospital drops again below the 3,000 threshold The interior

There are now a total of 2,916 people in hospital, 924 of whom need intensive care. The average number of infections remains stable. The number of deaths is heading in the right direction for the second day in a row. This is evident from the preliminary figures from the Sciensano Health Institute.

From April 11 to April 17 the daily average was calculated 233,7 People hospitalized with Covid-19, a decrease of 6 percent from the previous seven-day period.

There now 2.916 Corona patients in the hospital and there are them 924 In need of intensive care. On Saturday morning, the count reached 3,015 Covid patients, including 923 in the intensive care unit.


Between April 8 and 14, there was still a daily average 3.638 New infections were detected, a slight increase of 1 percent compared to the previous week. In total, in our country, since the beginning of the epidemic, already 947,000 Recorded infection.

From Figures today last week It appears that more infections were discovered on Monday than the previous week. Then that day was observed Easter Monday Much less was tested. This results in a distorted image.

The daily averages were taken between April 8 and 14 41.839 Tests were turned down, which is a 12 percent drop.

from Positive By 1.6 percent to 10 percent. This means that out of all 100 tests, 10 have tested positive.

He. She Reproduction number It stands according to Sciensano’s dashboard 0.94.

Death cases

The number of deaths is heading in the right direction for the second day in a row. Between April 8 and 14, show the daily average 39 people Life, down 8.4%. In our country, the meter is now available 23.718 Covid-19 deaths.

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In the meantime you have it 2.204.943 The Belgians are one The first dose Receive the vaccine, which is equivalent to 19.2% of the total population (24% of the adult population). Just about 696.692 His compatriots also received one The second shot They are thus fully vaccinated, and they represent 6.1 percent of the total population (7.6 percent of the adult population).

at Flanders Owns 1,319.740 Residents already have at least one First injection, From 1991 a transaction. 418,356 Among them (6.31 percent). Completely protected.