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Tens of thousands of homes in the United States have been without electricity due to the winter storm, and two deaths have already been reported


A severe storm with blizzards, hailstorms and hurricanes engulfs the eastern United States. An area from the southern state of Florida to the northern state of Maine has been affected. U.S. media have reported that tens of thousands of homes in the southeast of the country are without electricity. Two have already died.

Proof: Belgian

More than 130,000 homes were without electricity on Monday morning (local time). Families are particularly affected in North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia and Georgia.

According to the news channel CNN, a total of more than 50 million people are expected to face the storm. The “sunshine level” is also affected by the Florida snowfall and hurricane. At least 28 houses have been demolished in the southwestern part of the state.

Two died

Weather conditions killed two people in North Carolina Sunday as they drove off the road with their car. A state of emergency has been declared in the state of Georgia.

Winter weather also affects air traffic. 3,000 flights were canceled on Sunday. Hundreds of flights will also be canceled on Monday.

Heavy snowfall is expected again in the Northeastern United States on Monday. Since Tuesday, Southeastern Canada has been threatened with extreme conditions.

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