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BN DeStem responds to NAC's toxic statement: ``Not always used'

BN DeStem responds to NAC’s toxic statement: “Not always used’

BN Disteim responded to the Breda club’s allegations as coach Maurice Stein departed on Saturday. Following the departure of coach and NAC icon Ton Lokhoff, there has been concern around the club for several days: NAC announced on Saturday that Steijn has resigned following threats against his family and targeting BN DeStem.

The club said in a statement that the regional newspaper had played a bad role. Management, the supervisory board and major shareholders spoke of “months of insinuations, rumours, slander and leaks”. BN DeStem. Negative atmosphere was created by BN DeStem And the people who have their own agenda in Breda are malicious and poisonous. Conscious lies are prevalent and this newspaper spreads this filth without scrutiny.

Andre Trumpers, editor-in-chief of the magazine BN DeStemAnd the Comment on this statement. He rejects the allegations and states that editors “do not cross the top overnight” with their coverage of NAC. “Our journalists have created a great network over the years. We talk to many people every day within or near the club, so we are well aware of all the developments.”

On top of that, the NAC has had plenty of opportunities to listen, Trumpers adds. β€œThe club has also had plenty of space in recent weeks to respond to questions and productions from BN DeStemBut it is not always used.

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