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Boris Johnson shocked by violence against Bristol police | Now

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson speaks of ‘shameful attacks’ on police officers in Bristol on Friday evening. The third fight in a week will consist of bricks and eggs thrown at police.

Johnson condemns the violence against police that erupted in several protests last week against a new bill. The draft law states that authorities are given more powers in non-violent demonstrations. The third protest against the draft law in Bristol, titled ‘Kill the Bill’, took place on Friday evening.

The Prime Minister stands in support of the police. “There were slanderous attacks on police officers in Bristol last night. Our officers should not face stones, bottles and crackers thrown by a mob looking for violence and causing property damage. I have my full support for the police and the city,” Johnson said in a tweet.

Protesters shouted “We are quiet, what are you?” Against agents. They pulled out their shields and lit laser lights on their faces. Police used horses to disperse the crowd. Police said the horses were thrown with firecrackers and paint.

The protesters and the police have a painful history

Earlier this week, the police is contrary to the law, the police broke up demonstrations against the activities of Corona. Several officers were injured in the process.

The protest on Friday night went out of hand again, resulting in the arrest of ten people. Since the awareness campaign for Sarah Evert on March 13, police intervention has become more sensitive since the authorities acted so harshly.

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