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Despite money worries, Pope gives free injections to the homeless | Abroad

According to the Vatican, these people are at high risk and need help. The vaccinations will take place on the Ala Paulo River, where the pope usually holds his audience.

Previously, the pope was also vaccinated with the Pfizer vaccine. He is a strong supporter of vaccines. The pope once said Vatican staff should be vaccinated or they would be fired.

The Vatican has to cut corners

The pope also announced this week that he would cut the salaries of clergy working at the Vatican while helping the poor with vaccines. Cardinals should be ten per cent of their salaries, heads and secretaries of the Curia subdivisions eight per cent, and clergy less than three per cent of the secular rank.

The reason is that the revenue to the Vatican is very low due to the corona virus. For example, the Vatican does not have the usual multi-million euro thanks to the Vatican for accessing museums, and the Sistine Chapel typically attracts six million people each year.

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