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Boss holds woman hostage at his home in New Zealand –

A woman in New Zealand has been taken hostage in her own home. The animal was released without punishment, New Zealand police joked.

Authorities received a call Sunday night from a woman who feared “an affection holds her hostage” at her home in Dunedin. “When she tried to leave the house and get into the car, Obasam attacked her and ran inside,” said Police Sergeant Craig Dinnison. tegen The Guardian.

When police arrived at the front door of the house, a young man came out of the darkness and climbed on a guard’s leg. Dinnizen thinks it is an escaped pet or animal recently separated from its mother.

Police “arrested the suspect” but later released them back into the wild without punishment. According to veterinarian Rachel Stratton, the animal was more frightened than aggressive. “Usually wild animals run away when they are young. Then they have to learn how to deal with threats.”

But while the people of Dunedin can sleep peacefully again, the birds, insects and even the trees in the country are very much affected by the animals. Oposums, as they are officially called, eat the food of birds and destroy trees. Cats are the only natural enemies of animals. Thus the crowd exploded and dispersed. There are an estimated 47 million passers in New Zealand.

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