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Music November 14, 2021 – Early Birds


Reading time 14 minutes

Beginning: Antonio Vivaldi’s C Major (RV 443) from recorder concerto by Alegro, Michela Petrie (flute) and The Academy of Saint Martin in the Fields. CD Philips 400.075.

Final Tune: The Family, performed by Scott Joplin (used as the finale for The Sting), The London Festival Ballet Orchestra.

The tune used for the Natuurkalender is 10 seconds long: performed by Joseph Altency’s Water Waves, Margaret Forrest and Helene Bartels.

Other music selected by composer Renault Router:

7 a.m. to 8 p.m .:

1st Movement, from the piano concert at the C Major (op.3 No.3) by the Polish German Johann Samuel Schrter, performed by the English Chamber Orchestra, conducted by Alegro, pianist Murray Perahia. Composer: JS Schrட்டர்ter Performer: English Chamber Orchestra / Murray Perahia. CD Piano Concertos Mozart – Schrter CBS CD39222

‘Greenways’ was performed by John Lenehane, pianist from the Englishman John Ireland’s (1879-1962) ‘The Cherry Tree’ piano collection. Composer: John Ireland Performer: John Lenehon CD Piano Works – 3 Naxus 8.570461

‘Beckys Minute Rock’ by Australian composer Elena Gates-Chern (1957) was performed by Nicola Sweeney, violin and Sarah Nichols, piano. Composer: Elena Gates-Chern Performer: Nicola Sweeney / Sarah Nichols CD Rocktime & Blue

Symphony of the Austrian Leopold Mozart (1719-1787) Performed by the Minute and Trio New Zealand Chamber Orchestra, conducted by Donald Armstrong. Composition: Leopold Mozart (required C1) Administrator: Chamber Arch. New Zealand / Armstrong CD Symphony Cassia Naxos

8 a.m. to 9 p.m .:

‘Le Berceau’ (‘the cradle, the cradle’) from the Troy Sansons (op.29) on piano by the Frenchman Gabriel Farre (1845-1924). Composer: Gabriel Farrell Performer: Shani Diluka CD The Frost Album – Shani Diluka

Part 5, ‘Sacro-Monte’. From ‘Danzas Kitanas’ (Op. 55) by Spaniard Joaquin Turina, played by Louis Bezet, piano. Composer: Joaquin Turina Performance: Louis Bezet CD Encores – Nelson Freyer

09: 00-10: 00:

‘Na Gaya’, Calypso (op.2 No. 11) by Luis Bessetto by Curaோao composer and pianist Wim Stadius Mல்லller (1930-2019). COMPONIST: Traditional / Wim Stadius Mல்லller UITVOERENDE: Louis Bezet CD Wim Stadius Mல்லller: Antillean Dances – Port-of-Call: Curaçao Analekta – Series: A Piano Around the World

Dutch composer, organizer and pianist Bob Zimmerman (1948) ‘The Stickleback Kids’ (‘The Sticklebacks Children’ or ‘The Young Sticklebacks’) by Metropol Orchest; Music written for the nature film ‘Holland, Nature in the Delta’ (2015). Composer: Bob Zimmerman Artist: Metropol Orchest CD Holland, Nature in de Delta – Soundtrack

[De] ‘Carnation’ (‘Oillet’) from the piano cycle ‘de Blumen’ by Howard Kimsey on the piano by Finn Jean Sibelius (1865-1957). Composer: Jean Sibelius Performer: Howard Kims CD Jean Sibelius – Piano Music Volume 4 Naxus 8.555363

Hungarian dance, No. 7 in A Major, performed by the Royal Concertzbov Orchestra by German Johannes Frams Frams (1833-1897) Bernard Heiding. Composer: Johannes Brams (Orchestration: A. Hollen [1846-1925]) Concertzbov Orchestra / Bernard Hiding CD Brams: Complete Symphonies & Concerts