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Brigitte Macron has said she will go to court following rumors that she was born a man

The hashtag #JeanMichelTrogneux has been trending on Twitter for the past week. According to rumors, it will be the dead name of Brigitte Macron. It is a false claim that the French First lady Born human.

Newspaper truth checkers Release The rumor spread based on an article published in the magazine at the end of September Mistakes & Documents, The thinking of the extreme right-wing columnist. Nevertheless, these claims are still circulating on social media. Photos of the French president’s wife also appeared in those tweets, calling them “masculine features” and pointing out that Brigitte Macron was born under the name Jean-Michel Drokneux.

The piece that appeared in it Mistakes & Documents Wrote fake journalist Natasha Ray, who has been a fierce opponent of Macron since 2018. Ray regularly mentions Brigitte Macron on his Facebook page ET. After several websites and YouTube channels of conspiracy theorists, antivacus and far-right groups took to the ‘news’, the story went viral.

Brigitte Macron’s lawyer announced the news channel on Monday evening BFM TV To go to court ‘to protect the interests of Ms Macron’. Brigitte Macron is not the first female public figure to fall victim to such false propaganda. Former US First Lady Michelle Obama and current New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinta Ardern have both been accused of making false allegations about their gender identity.