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President Biden wants to invest $ 2000 billion in infrastructure

According to reporter Eric Mouth, the infrastructure in the United States is very poor. “Sometimes there are water pipes that have been in use for 120 years. Stainless steel. There are still lead pipes that poison children. Other roads still drive cars.”

Savings in maintenance

Roads are bad and the electrical network is out of date. “It mostly causes wildfires in California,” Mouthon said. “The Internet in the United States is very slow, often only a quarter of the speed at which Dutch people stay at home in hotels. Much was built in the 1950s and 1960s, but maintenance was reduced in the decades that followed. Everyone agrees, something really needs to be done now.”

Some points from President Biden’s plans:

  • 115 billion: repair of roads and bridges
  • 85 billion: public transport
  • 80 billion: Railways
  • 42 billion: ports and airports
  • 213 billion: affordable housing
  • 100 billion: Broadband Internet
  • 111 billion: Water supply network
  • 174 billion: electric cars
  • 100 billion: public schools
  • 400 billion: care for the elderly and the disabled
  • 25 billion: child care

Roads are being upgraded under projects provided by Biden. It is more than 32,000 kilometers. Ten thousand bridges are under major maintenance and applications are being looked after. The water supply network and electricity network are being modernized.


President Biden also wants to go green. For example, homes need to become more energy efficient, electric cars are being promoted and investments are being made in wind and solar energy, which may be in addition to nuclear power.

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Eric Mouth: Republicans believe Biden is using infrastructure to implement left-wing policy.

Bad surroundings

These projects go far beyond infrastructure, says Mauthan. “Biden wants to invest more money in childcare, care workers and the poorer areas. Republicans call it socialist policy. Biden thinks those people are always backward.”

These projects will cost a lot of money, but according to the White House, the economy is gaining tremendous momentum and millions of jobs are being created, according to the White House.

The two trillion dollars is in addition to the $ 1.9 trillion investment that Biden previously made. All of that money was borrowed, thus raising national debt. The business community will have to pay for these new projects, which will pay a higher tax for 15 years: 28 percent instead of 21 percent. President Trump had cut that tax.

Republicans are not happy

Multinational corporations also have to pay higher taxes. So the business community is not happy with the plans. Like the Republicans. They say the tax increase is not stimulating the economy, but rather slowing it down.

Fidens’ predecessor Trump also wanted to give the infrastructure a big change. He described the situation in the United States as a ‘third world infrastructure’. But Trump, who thought it was too expensive, did not get enough support from his own party.

Political struggle

Again, Republicans are likely to back down. Correspondent Eric Mouth said: “This is going to be a huge political battle for the White House. It is highly doubtful that the Republicans will accept this. You can. “

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