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British underwater drones to clear the way for Ukraine's grain exports |  Abroad

British underwater drones to clear the way for Ukraine’s grain exports | Abroad

Britain sends underwater drones to Ukraine to detect mines off the Ukrainian coast. Dozens of Ukrainians will learn how to operate Britain’s six drones to help restart grain exports from Ukraine to the rest of the world.

Exports of agricultural products through Ukraine’s ports on the Black Sea have been blocked due to the Russian invasion of Ukraine, which has driven up global food prices. On July 22, after mediation by the United Nations and Turkey, the two parties to the conflict signed an agreement allowing grain ships to leave three Ukrainian ports. Checks must state that they do not carry weapons.

The flow of grain to the world

According to the British Ministry of Defense, exports are still hampered by naval mines left by the Russian armed forces. British Defense Secretary Ben Wallace said Moscow’s “cynical attempts to hijack the global food supply” should not succeed. “This vital equipment and training will help Ukraine make its waters safer, facilitate the flow of grain to the rest of the world and support Ukraine’s armed forces in defending its coasts and ports.”

Drones were developed for use in shallow coastal environments. It operates at depths of up to 100 meters to detect mines through all types of sensors. In the coming months, dozens of Ukrainian soldiers from the Navy will receive training to work with drones.