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Britney Spears' ex-manager leaks old voicemail messages: 'I'm blackmailing' |  Famous People

Britney Spears’ ex-manager leaks old voicemail messages: ‘I’m blackmailing’ | Famous People

She has been fighting her father since 2009 who threatened to take her children. The photos accompanying these clips were taken by me personally, so I can 100% guarantee that this is true because I was there myself. Britney will never get back these years lost in captivity. Her children were young then and now they are already allowed to drive, which is cruel and inhumane. Nothing has changed over the years and her two sons have had to lose their mother for most of their upbringing.”

In the clips, Britney says, among other things, that she actually requested a different attorney at the time, instead of the Samuel Ingham who was assigned to her and who recently resigned. “I am being blackmailed and threatened by my parents about visitation rights for my children. I am getting short and unable to claim my human rights. I am asking the state of California to look into this because if you ask me it is illegal.”

It is not known what the relations between Lofty and Spears are at the moment. A restraining order was lifted against him in 2008, and re-introduced in 2009. Coincidentally, these requests coincided with the start of Jimmy’s stint, so fans wonder if Father Spears isn’t behind it. According to Lutfi, the latter is obvious.

“No one stood to help her. Those voicemails cost me tons of money from a legal standpoint, my name was completely sullied and I destroyed myself in the process. But that doesn’t matter, the most important thing is Britney’s release and her new lawyer Matthew Rosengart knows he can Count on me if I am called as a witness.”

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