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Brugge shines after CL win: 'Formidable and all Belgium can be proud' |  Champions League

Brugge shines after CL win: ‘Formidable and all Belgium can be proud’ | Champions League

Hans Vanaken was the conductor of the magnificent symphony that Club Brugge brought to Leipzig. He was also named Man of the Match by UEFA. Read the reaction of the turntable and other Bruges stars here.

Not only did Hans Vanaken leave a big mark in the Club Brugge match with his goal. “Here stands a proud captain,” he said with the man of the match trophy in his hands.

“In the first half we pressed up front. After 1-0 we reacted well. We were able to get a lot of balls back and take advantage of the space in their backs. We analyzed them well and knew we could benefit because their players are a little slower at the back.”

“We also have quality players who can make the difference, although we could have scored more in the first half. After the break we defended the three points, but we did it as a team.”

Mats Ritts: ‘I can also tag this one’

Mats Rits took care of the 1-2 team. He smiled: “This is my first goal in the Champions League, so I can do that too.”

“We knew one point was going to be a great result, 3 exceptional points.”

“That was 1-0 a shame, but for the rest we were the better team with the chances. The second half was pumping and it was a pity we only had one chance with that rejected goal. We were a bit too reckless.”

“But we have our cup We missed a few chances. The mentality was great. It feels great to win here.”

Simon Mignolet: “The whole of Belgium can be proud”

Simon Mignolet was proud of Club Brugge’s performance. “We defended well collectively after the break. And in the first half we were the better team. Then that deserves three pointers.”

“RB Leipzig put a lot of pressure on. If you get past that, there’s room to play football. We can do well with our young boys. But we had to get close to their energy. We did it without giving away too much.”

“Now we are taking 4 against 6 against two great opponents. We can be proud of that. The whole of Belgium can be proud of that.”

“It is important for our European coefficient to get the points. This is also in the back of our minds, for Belgian football. We have now taken a step towards that.”

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