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Brussels: Euro 5 diesel ban no longer certain (2024)

Brussels: Euro 5 diesel ban no longer certain (2024)

Politicians seem to have difficulty meeting their self-imposed deadlines. The latest point of doubt: a traffic ban on Euro 5 diesel cars within Brussels' LEZ from January 2025. Two months before the regional elections, the Socialist Party is questioning the low-emission zone, which includes 19 municipalities in the Brussels region. This is clear from an article written by The last hour.

As a reminder: On January 1, 2025, another tightening of the LEZ is scheduled. From that date, Euro 5 diesel cars registered before 1 September 2015 and Euro 2 petrol cars registered before 1 January 2001 will no longer be allowed in Brussels traffic. With the deadline fast approaching, the Touring transport association has come out with hard numbers in a bid to slow down the Euro 5 diesel ban: “In the context of Brussels' already weak economy, banning more than 850,000 cars is no big deal in the capital.” “A solution is possible,” Turing said. The organization also notes the lack of environmental consistency on the part of the Brussels government with this measure. Although modern cars are less polluting, Euro 5 diesel cars were already equipped with particulate filters. Furthermore, the very short lifespan of these models would not have been able to offset the environmental costs of their production.

According to Alain Maron, Brussels' Minister of the Environment (Ecolo), this is “the wrong signal to citizens and companies that have already invested in adapting to the new rules”, while the ban is primarily a public health measure. For its part, the Brussels Environment Agency indicates that there are exceptions, especially for people with limited mobility, as well as supportive measures, such as Premium Air Brusselswhich allows Brussels residents to receive up to 1,010 subsidies for removing a car's license plate, provided they do not buy a new car instead.

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The fact remains that this tendency to question the agenda contributes to undermining the credibility of ruling politicians, especially when parties sitting together fight over the measure they jointly passed. Sometimes, citizens have to incur high costs to comply with legislation imposed on them, for example by purchasing a new car that complies with emissions regulations. These same citizens may feel cheated if their investments turn out to be worthless…

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