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Miguel Feels in a parody of the K3 corona '10 Thousand Castles in the Air ': "It was just a laugh, guys" |  Showbiz

Miguel Feels in a parody of the K3 corona ’10 Thousand Castles in the Air ‘: “It was just a laugh, guys” | Showbiz

ShowbizIn the satirical TV show “Even tot hier” in the Netherlands, K3 takes a closer look at the approach to the Corona crisis. They gave the lyrics of their mega song “10,000 Hot Air Balloons” a new look, so that this song now passes to life as “10,000 Castles in the Air”. In it they criticize the Dutch government, with Mark Rutte in the lead. “This was not a statement at all from K3,” says Miguel Wells of VTM NIEUWS. “I have a feeling that the Belgians are not yet ready for that kind of joke.”

Not only here, but also in the Netherlands, the government has already announced relaxation several times. But Corona’s weak numbers prevented them from fulfilling their promises. Something that causes a lot of people’s blood, and also with K3. To express their displeasure, the girls parody their song “10,000 Balloons”, which is more important than what you expect from K3. Feel free to judge yourself.

“They do it over and over again.”

In this issue, Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte and Health Minister Hugo de Jongi appeared: “Mark and Hugo always come up with a plan with a date. They are building a beautiful castle in the air, but then it turns out that this is not really possible yet. We were very happy, but it turns out. That this date is not realistic over and over. Time after time. Oh, they do it over and over again. “

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The chorus goes as follows: “They build 10,000 castles in the air together. 10,000 castles in the air, that’s never true. 10,000 countless road maps. Always 10,000 castles collapsing into the air.” And in the second clip, the criticism was also sharp: “Because they are so happy to offer us a point of view so that everything is allowed again. Another sausage is in front of me, good boys. We are not stupid and nave: such a day is far fetched, well even we think it is very childish. Kap es man, with your clumsy roadmap. “

Don’t take a stand

In response, Studio 100 announced that this contribution from K3 was part of a satirical “where apparently K3 is not taking any other political position whatsoever.” Studio 100 spokeswoman Ann Janssens said, “It’s meant to be fun, they laugh at themselves too, and it in no way reflects the point of view of any of the girls, K3 or Studio 100.”

“just for laughing”

Miguel Feels, songwriter for K3, responds to the parody at VTM NEWS. “It looks like Belgium isn’t ready for that kind of humor yet. The K3 girls have a kid-friendly picture, but they’re also flesh-and-blood people with a lot of humor. That was just guys laughing.”

Check out the full song below:

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