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Calculation Trick: You Can Still Drive How Many Kilometers If Your Car's Backup Light Is On |  the cars

Calculation Trick: You Can Still Drive How Many Kilometers If Your Car’s Backup Light Is On | the cars

How many kilometers can you still drive if the spare light is on? It depends on the consumption and how many liters of your car’s reserve. Fortunately, there is a trick to determining the range or range of your vehicle with complete accuracy.

When your car’s spare light comes on, you usually have a few miles before your fuel tank is completely empty – but how many exactly? This varies, just as each car’s fuel gauge is different. Older cars have a classic fuel gauge that provides an indicative value with an analog pointer. With newer models, the remaining kilometers are often displayed numerically.

When you are at zero, there is still a “reserve tank” with usually five liters of fuel. As a rule, this can be driven another 50 km. But how far you’ll actually get depends on the car model and your personal driving style. If you really want to know how much domain you still have, you can calculate your reserve level with a simple trick, Website Reports.

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All it takes is knowing the contents of your vehicle’s fuel tank, something that can be found in any vehicle specification or manual. The next time the spare lamp lights up, fill it up immediately. The liters of fuel you filled can be deducted from the total tank capacity. When you divide this value by your car’s average working wear – which can be found in the on-board computer – you know exactly how many kilometers you can normally drive.

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If you have an old car without an on-board computer and therefore do not know the practical consumption, set the trip meter to zero immediately after refueling. This way you know exactly how many kilometers you have in the meantime when you fill up the car the next time. The next time you fill up, check your pump or receipt to see how many liters of gasoline or diesel you have refueled. It is important to fill the tank so that the pump itself stops automatically. Multiply the number of stored liters by 100 and divide the result by the kilometers traveled. This results in fuel consumption in liters per 100 km.