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Cercle Brugge scores first home win over KV Mechelen 3-1

Cercle Brugge scores first home win over KV Mechelen 3-1

Head off for Cercle at home. It took sixteen matches in this competition before the Green Black team won. and deserved it. The score became 3-1 thanks to goals from Utkus, Hotich on penalties and Matondo.

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Compared to the previous match, at home against Charleroi, coach Yves Vanderhey changed his starting team in no less than four positions. Vitinho, Souza, Miang and Miang played less roles in that match and maybe that’s why they took a place on the bench. Utkus, Decostere, Velkovski and Deman started in place, and in the first quarter, Cercle took the most initiative. Sommers’ header was unconvincing, and after another free kick, Otkus went up, but his header missed the goal. In the fifteen minutes it appeared again green-black. Matondo played well at home, and Sommers served, but his effort disappeared through his leg in Micklin’s defense in a corner. Circle continued to play football at half of Mechelen Stadium and about half an hour later, Hermanns, who extended his contract last week, had to leave due to injury. Am Joeh took his place, but this did not change the match in Mechelen, who until then had been barely close to Didilon. Cercle did it on the other side. DeCoster responded well to Demann, who prepared the ball for Hotic on the edge of the penalty area, but the Bosnian’s shot did not go wide. The ball entered the ensuing corner. More than it deserves for Circle. Utkus hit his header hard against Coucke in the roof of the goal. Immediately after that, the egg went through a similar phase after 2-0. This time, Micklin’s keeper got off well and the ball got stuck in a set of legs, rain fell from the sky as the break began gradually, the rain fell in buckets from the sky. And suddenly there was Micklin with a tie. Storm was given plenty of time and space to control and build the ball. With a low slip over the wet court, Maldegem’s player ended up in the far corner. In the run-up to this match, coach Vanderhaeghe had already indicated that Mechelen could be particularly effective, and he also made it clear. Because with another bouncing punch, the cleats hit the post with the help of a Circle cannon. Fortunately for Cercle, the score stayed 1-1 at halftime, and KV Mechelen looked eager to get out of the dressing room, but Cercle netted himself back. On the clock, green and black were also rewarded for this. Daland was dragged to the ground with a corner kick. Referee De Kramer stood with his nose on him and immediately pointed to the spot. Hotich kept calm and gave Circle a fresh lead, and after making three simultaneous substitutions at Mechelen, we had two unique chances for both sides in about a minute seventy. Just as in the first half, McLean was able to save sharply. Substitute Sjvid’s equalizer was crossed off the line, so the ball went straight to the other side as Coc da Silva kept Lopez off the score 3-1, and the third goal even then, came the third after all. Matondo fired well after Mechel lost the ball and came through only De Souza van Mechelen’s header for Coucke, who gave it to him. 3-1. McLean could barely make a fist and circled quite well. De Vereniging’s first home win of the season, which showed plenty of commitment and fighting spirit, and on Wednesday Cercle will go to Michelin in the eighth Croque Cup final. The first round will conclude next weekend with a move to Kortrijk. At the bottom, Cercle can once again take some space from Beerschot if they drop points in Waregem. (ACR) Cercle Brugge – KV Mechelen 3-1, Cercle Brugge: Didillon, Decostere, Utkus, Daland, Velkovski, Van der Brugge, Da Silva Lopez (82′ Vanhout), Hotek (88′ Waldo), Matondo (88′ Vitino ), Somers (82′ AC Milan), Deman (74′ Sousa) goals: 34′ Utkus 1-0, 43′ Storm 1-1, 63′ Hotek (penalty kick) 2-1, 77′ Matondo 3-1, cards Yellow: 59′ Baker, 63′ da Silva Lopez, 83′ Vinicius,

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