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Champions Stijn D'Hulst and Silke Van Avermaet featured in Volleyproms |  volleyball

Champions Stijn D’Hulst and Silke Van Avermaet featured in Volleyproms | volleyball

Volleyproms was removed from the calendar last year, as the Coronavirus also thwarted the playoffs in the Belgian volleyball competition. A modest party could be organized this year at the Van der Valk Hotel in Diegem.

Champion Roeselare was the big drink for men. Stijn D’Hulst and not his team-mate Hendrik Tuerlinckx have been voted Player of the Year. The Rookie of the Year also came from Roeselare: Mathijs Desmet fulfilled his favorite role.

“We had a real farm year,” says D’Hulst. “We had 12 very strong players, a very strong team. Did you make a difference in the qualifiers? You found the right rhythm and it was an important part of the puzzle.”

Among the women, the 2018 Star of the Year succeeded in reaching the award for the best player of the year. Silke Van Avermaet made a very strong impression last year with national heroine Asterix Avo.

“This award proves that I have become a regular player for the club,” Van Avermait said. “Now I am looking for a better competition.” His teammate Brett Rampelberg became this year’s Newcomer.

Surprisingly, the award for Best Coach of the Year did not go to Dutch champion coach Stephen VanMedijel. Frank DiBestel received an award for “his own amazement” for Minene’s strong year, taking third place.

Chris Vansnick, coach of champion Asterix Avo Beveren and assistant coach of the Yellow Tigers, became the women’s coach of the year.