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Hypothetical Final Scores: Anderlecht II and Ostend to Europe?  |  Jupiler Pro League

Hypothetical Final Scores: Anderlecht II and Ostend to Europe? | Jupiler Pro League

The European Championship Qualifiers and Play-Offs are approaching. We pulled out our counters and calculated the hypothetical final score for the two matches based on the duels exchanged in a normal competition. Who will be the winner? Read it here.

Champions Qualifiers in the beginning:

Club Brugge begins as the favorite in the Champions Qualifiers, with a difference of 8 points over Antwerp. Anderlecht and Racing Genk follow a short distance from Refaelov and Company. Who can put anything in the club’s path and where will Anderlecht fail? We make forecasts based on a review.

What did the four heroes do against each other?

If we look at the joint duels between the top four in the Jupiler Pro League in the last regular season, we see that Club Brugge, but especially Anderlecht, make a good turn. Antwerp and Genk are far behind.

Anderlecht is the team that has already accumulated the most points (15) against their opponents in the play-offs this season. He lost only once, 3-0 to Club Brugge. The club followed with a smaller victory, falling to Anderlecht (2-1) and Antwerp (0-2).

Only a few crumbs remain for Antwerp and Genk. Antwerp could only win twice and only get 6 points against direct competitors.

Genk was also crowned against the top. John van den Brom’s men hang in the back with 3 points. They owe the only win to a great match against Antwerp (4-2).

Team M + M = M- D + Dr- points
1. Anderlecht 5 0 1 10 6 15th
2. Club Brugge 4 0 2 11 7 12
3. Antwerp 2 0 4 8 13 6
4. KRC Genk 1 0 5 10 13 3

Champions Qualifiers after Virtual Matches:

After simulating mutual duels we see something Transitions In order.

Club Brugge will remain the lead and succeed as the champion. Anderlecht may also win. Kompany’s men seem to be jumping into second place over Antwerp. KRC Genk will falter on the fourth.

Team points
1. Club Brugge 50
2. Anderlecht 44
3. Antwerp 36
4. KRC Genk 31

This means Club Brugge will go straight to Champions League. Then Anderlecht would also receive a CL ticket: he would then be allowed to play in the third qualifying round of the UEFA Champions League.

After the simulation, Antwerp will go to the last heat from Conference League. KRC Genk will have to work in a kickoff match against the winner of the European Qualifiers. The Bets: The second qualifying round for the Conference League. Unless Genk wins the cup, the winner in Barra is also sure he gets a European ticket. The winner of the cup can go to the last preliminary round of the European League.

European Qualifiers in the beginning:

KV Oostende is located close to the Champions Qualifiers and is the leader in play-off matches in Europe. Standard pants and sang and Michelin at the necks of the coastal boys. It promises to be an interesting conclusion. Who plays the jumping match? We made the simulation.

How did the European Quartet perform among them?

The pie is split better in the European qualifiers than in the Champions Qualifiers. Standard, Ostend and Ghent won three matches.

The standard adds another tie-down to capture the placement of the pole. Ostend is using the goal tally to stay on top of Ghent.

The weak brother in this group appears to be KV Mechelen. The team had been unable to win one time against direct competition this season, and thus hanging behind with only two points.

Team M + M = M- D + Dr- points
1. Basic 3 2 1 12 7 11
2. KV Ostend 3 1 2 7 5 10
3. KAA Gent 3 1 2 7 6 10
4. KV Mechelen 0 2 4 3 11 2

European Qualifiers in the Vertuil Match:

After simulating mutual duels we see it There are no spells In order. According to our calculations, KV Oostende will compete against KRC Genk in the kickoff match of the second round of Conference League qualifiers. Unless Genk wins the cup, that match will not be played.

Standard, KAA Gent and KV Mechelen will be left empty-handed. But as you know: in football everything is possible and every match must be played …

Team points
1. KV Ostend 37 *
2. Basic 36
3. KAA Gent 35 *
4. KV Mechelen 26

* = You get more than half a point when cutting regular points in half

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