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Chaos threatens at start of summer holidays: Air Brussels pilots' unions submit strike notice |  the interior

Chaos threatens at start of summer holidays: Air Brussels pilots’ unions submit strike notice | the interior

Brussels Airlines pilots’ unions are submitting an indefinite strike notice. It should become clear on Wednesday whether cabin crew are also considering a strike. No date has yet been set for a possible strike.

Ninety percent of pilots voted in favor of the strike, unions say. Both pilots and cabin crew are dissatisfied with the amount of work. She said the growing demand for air travel is putting pressure on work regulation. The pilots are also unhappy that management does not want to index their cafeteria plan, which is a budget for fringe benefits.

It has not yet been determined when the unions want to disrupt air traffic. But they don’t want to wait long. Maybe it will be at the end of June. The date will be announced on Wednesday 15 June, says BBTK unionist Olivier van Kamp. Then it will also become clear whether the cabin crew supports the measure.

Strike for several days

The strike will not be limited to one day, but Van Kamp promises unions will communicate well “so that travelers can take their precautions”.

Management can still prevent the strike, says Van Kamp. “But deaf conversation no longer makes sense.” He said the unions made proposals at the reconciliation meeting on Tuesday. For example, they want to make agreements about the summer period in an emergency collective labor agreement.

The administration’s announcement of its desire to cancel 148 flights is not enough for the unions. “We didn’t ask for it. We don’t think that would be enough either, out of a total of 12,400 flights in two months.”

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