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China warns US against reckless intervention

China warns US against reckless intervention


During talks with US Secretary of State Anthony Plinken, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi accused the United States of “irresponsible interference in internal affairs.” Foreign ministers discuss Taiwan issue at G20 summit in Rome

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According to the Chinese Foreign Ministry, Minister Wang stressed that the growing tensions over Taiwan are a “very sensitive issue” between China and the United States. Washington has accused Washington of supporting the armed forces for Taiwan’s independence and of “engaging in a real one-China policy and not engaging in bogus policy.”

The communist regime in Beijing still considers Taiwan, which seceded from China after the communist victory in 1949, to be part of the People’s Republic. Chinese President Xi Jinping stepped up pressure earlier this month, calling on Taiwanese to “quietly” join the People’s Republic.

Turned down

The call was rejected by Taiwanese President Tsai Ing-wen. U.S. President Joe Biden said last week that the United States was ready to defend China if it attacked Taiwan. Beijing continued to criticize the military presence in Taiwan.

The Chinese president did not go to Rome, but attended the G20 online, and he has not yet met the US president in person: the first summit has not come. World leaders plan to hold a digital meeting in the coming weeks.