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YHA (Youth Hostel) New Zealand closes its doors after 89 years • Holiday Page Blog • Travel & Holiday News

YHA (Youth Hostel) New Zealand closes its doors after 89 years • Holiday Page Blog • Travel & Holiday News

Due to the epidemic and the shortage of tourists to New Zealand, the YHA (Youth Hostel Association New Zealand) decided yesterday to close the doors of its 11 hostels permanently on December 15. Locking up in Auckland and bad chances for a quick recovery of international travelers New Zealand They have put the foundation in an unacceptable financial position.

By the end of 2020, YHA completed a major overhaul to move the company into the expected recovery period of the summer of 2021/22, while increasing its domestic revenue.

YHA New Zealand, which traditionally serves international young travelers such as backpackers, has doubled the number of domestic guest nights over the past 12 months as it has focused on more domestic groups and family accommodation. Unfortunately, this significant domestic growth was not enough to offset the loss of international guests.

The YHA National Board and senior management work closely with YHA’s primary lender to ensure that all prepaid bookings are fully withdrawn and that employee rights are protected during this final period.

“YHA staff have been incredible in extraordinary times,” said General Manager Simon Cartwright.

Only own hotels close their doors

YHA has a network of 11 hotels directly managed; YHA Auckland International, YHA Rotorua, YHA Wellington, YHA Christchurch, YHA Lake Decobo, YHA Aroki Mount Cook, WHA, YHA Queenstown Central, YHA Queenstown Lakefront and YHA All of these hotels will close on December 15th.

The 23 hostels operating under YHA ownership will remain open and will continue in their own name.

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