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Mayor Art van der Tugh and the New Zealand Ambassador unveil new works of art at the Abel Tasman Museum in Ludgast

A new work of art will be unveiled on Friday at the Abel Tasman Museum in Ludgecast: a wooden box with Mori carvings that will serve as a pedestal for the ‘Paunam’ already in the Abel Tasman Museum.

Mayor Art van der Duke and New Zealand Ambassador to the Netherlands Lindell Walker published the artwork.


Since September 22, 2018, the Abel Tasman Museum has been celebrating this precious gift from New Zealand. ‘Pounamu is a green jade smooth polished stone weighing more than nine kilograms from the South Island of New Zealand.’

The gift of atonement

When Abel Tasman (born in Ludgecast) was anchored in what is now Golden Bay in 1642, a cultural misunderstanding arose in the conflict with Mori and four members of the Tasmanian group were killed. 375 years after the event, the Abel Tasman Museum was presented with the Rouamiki Prize as a gift of reconciliation, bringing the relationship between the Mori people and the Dutch people to a new level.

More communities were produced by Bach

Three Mori communities from the Golden Bay area, Nakati Tama, Nakati Rarua and De Adiyawa, were asked to make wooden containers to come to the Paunamu Museum.

‘It has become a real art adorned with regular Mori carvings. It is possible to manufacture this tank with the financial assistance of the Municipality of Westcardier and the Embassy of New Zealand in The Hague. The Fonterra Co. in New Zealand took the park to the Netherlands for free. ‘

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The opening of the pulpit can be viewed live on Friday at 1.30pm via or via a live stream.

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