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Claes converts the supermarket into a large clothing store

Claes converts the supermarket into a large clothing store

With a large banner along the highway in Sonhoven, Claes Retail Group announces the opening of a brand new clothing store. On the site where Jumbo was located (and before that Colruyt), 3 fashion brands were united under one roof: JBC, CKS and Mayerline. This is the first time that the Limburg family company has opened a multi-brand store.

Dutch supermarket chain Jumbo has been active for only two and a half years in the 1,220-square-metre building next to the N74 in Sonhoven, between Hasselt and Hothalen. The store (although excellent) did not have enough revenue and was closed by management. The well-located building therefore had to be given a new purpose, and this was the route for the Claes Retail Group to take. The Claes family holding company, which covers the JBC, CKS and Mayerline brands, had been dreaming of a multi-brand store for some time and saw the perfect location for it in Zonhoven. Especially since the lease on the JBC store in Hothalen, a little further away, has now not been extended.

Major renovation works are currently underway to transform the former supermarket into a modern clothing store. The store window and combined entrance for JBC and CKS will be on the left. Fitting rooms and cash registers are shared. This space covers 1,000 square metres, of which JBC occupies 800 square metres. On the right is the Mayerline store (the first outside the city centre), with a shop window and separate entrance, covering about 220 square metres.

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The opening is scheduled for December 15. This means you can still shop as the end of the year approaches. Then sales will follow and it will immediately be “complete” there in Sonhofen…