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Climate Alliance: “Belgian families bear the costs of blocked climate plan” |  local

Climate Alliance: “Belgian families bear the costs of blocked climate plan” | local

Because Belgium cannot present a climate plan to Europe due to the blockade imposed by the Flemish government, Belgian families will pay the costs. The nonprofit Climate Alliance, a group of dozens of organizations including labor unions and environmental movements, said this in a press release on Friday.

As part of European climate targets, Belgium must reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 47 percent by 2030. However, the federal government and the states cannot agree on the energy and climate plan that should be submitted to the European Commission. Flanders does not want to go beyond 40 percent. As head of the National Climate Commission, Brussels Minister Alain Maron (Ecolo) is unwilling to present a plan if Flanders does not boost its climate efforts or provide financial guarantees.

“The Flemish government’s current lack of ambition is damaging both household and climate portfolios,” criticizes the Climate Alliance. “All Belgian families, including Flemish families, will pay double the bill for this blockade. On the one hand, because in the absence of energy saving measures, their energy bills will remain high. On the other hand, the excess emissions have to be compensated for by purchasing carbon credits from countries “Best performing tax money that goes directly abroad.”

Neighboring countries are more ambitious

The non-profit organization points out that our neighboring countries are more ambitious and will reduce emissions from buildings and transport by 48 to 50 percent by 2030. “It is difficult to understand why the Flemish government wants to pass the costs on to companies and households,” says Vice President Zanna VanRentereghem. north and south of the country.” The Climate Alliance calls on the Flemish government to “urgently adopt a climate plan that fully meets European goals.”

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According to the Climate Alliance, several international reports show that total global targets for reducing greenhouse gas emissions will not be enough to limit temperature rise to 1.5 degrees. “Belgium should expect this with more ambition, not less,” she said.

On December 3, the Climate Alliance is organizing a climate march in Brussels. The nonprofit expects tens of thousands of people.