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Google places Gemini in Chrome's address bar

Google places Gemini in Chrome’s address bar

Asking Gemini a question becomes much easier for those who use the Chrome browser. Using the @gemini command you can contact the AI ​​assistant directly from the address bar.

Google wants to fully participate in the AI ​​race with Gemini, but the road ahead is already bumpy. It implemented a major rebranding in February, but in terms of brand awareness, Gemini is not yet on par with ChatGPT. To change that, Google now appears to be using the trump card it has kept updated: the Chrome web browser.

Billions of people use Google’s web browser (nearly 3.5 billion according to Google). The last numbers), so it seems like a logical move for the company to integrate Gemini deeper into Chrome. This is now done by placing Gemini in the address bar of Chrome. via @twin By typing in the address bar, you can ask the AI ​​assistant a question. This way you no longer have to browse the Gemini website (or the ChatGPT website) first.

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Google is also linking Gemini to its other popular apps. Gemini can now also answer questions about emails in Gmail and files in Drive. You can direct Gemini to search for specific information in an email conversation or a specific file. These are all ways to point users who are deeply integrated into the Google ecosystem towards Gemini.

The mobile app is being rolled out worldwide, except in Europe

Since the rebranding, Gemini is also available as a mobile app. In the long run, Gemini will have to replace the Google Assistant app on your phone. Google announces the proposal To one hundred additional countries and eight additional languages. The mobile version of Gemini now also speaks French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, German, Chinese, Japanese, and Korean in addition to English.

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Google is completely ignoring EU countries at the moment with its Gemini mobile app, just like Switzerland and the UK. Last year, the Bard also came to our region much later than the rest of the world. The web version of Gemini is available in Belgium and can answer your questions in Dutch.