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Company active in nuclear weapons program victim of ransomware – Computer – News

US defense contractor Sol Oriens was exposed to ransomware. Among other things, the company is engaged in the US nuclear weapons program. The company was hit by REvil ransomware that also stole data from the company.

A company spokesperson confirmed that the company would have contracted the virus in May For CNBC, USA. Sol Oriens has been infected with REvil ransomware, from a notorious Russian ransomware gang offering ransomware as malware as a service. Sol Oriens is a company that assists, among other things, the US Department of Defense in implementing the nuclear program, such as managing the arsenal.

A company spokesperson confirmed that data would also have been stolen from the company during the infection. These include quotes for the National Nuclear Safety Administration, descriptions of the company’s recent research and development projects, and employee information. None of the state secrets or confidential information, or data that could cause insecurity, were stolen. However, the company told CNBC that it is still working with a third party to investigate the full extent of the leak. Attackers will now threaten to release the information if the company does not pay.

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