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Crochet is summer fashion (and for less than 40 euros you can copy Gigi Hadid) |  style

Crochet is summer fashion (and for less than 40 euros you can copy Gigi Hadid) | style

Everything goes back, including the handicrafts from the quiet years. This summer we see a lot of crochet on the street. Supermodel Gigi Hadid is one of the fashion makers who prove that being hip doesn’t cost a lot of money. For a few euros, you can even buy exactly the same top as in the case. Could it be more than that? You can also find bikinis, dresses and hats crocheted. Good for a touch of nostalgia and soft comfort.

For a long time, crochet was called “transient.” It was especially reminiscent of old tablecloths in nursing homes or your grandmother’s moldy wardrobe. But the clichés are true: Trends come and go in the fashion world, and lately it has become nostalgia. shortsAnd the terry cloth On dope prints Dating as well as handicrafts.

Especially since the “old” crochet is totally hip again. You can already see a lot of crocheted clothes on the catwalk, at fashion shows by Fendi, Chanel, Dior, Celine, and Jil Sander, among others. Kamala Harris’ daughter – Ella Imhoff also contributed. She caught the eye during the inauguration of US President Joe Biden and was later named the New Girl. Ella takes fashion with pleasure and a wink, she is known for her tailoring and dress-making. She even launched her own line of knitwear.

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Nowadays, you see big, budget-friendly chain stores that are also full of crochet. In addition, influencers and famous fashion faces have also embraced this trend. Rihanna went for granny style, but she gave it her own touch and takes it very sexy with a short dress. Supermodel Bella Hadid shows how cute a crochet bucket hat can be, and her older sister Gigi was recently spotted on the street in New York wearing an outfit we want to emulate. The good news: It works. She’s wearing a yellow crochet shirt with pink flowers from mango. For €39.99, you can also buy a Polo of the top model.

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revival of the seventies

Why is crochet so popular now? Designer Sarah Roelstrait has the following explanation for this: “The ’70s style of clothing has worked well for several seasons. Revival of crochet, crochet and crochet, but also macrame or batik, for example, fits perfectly into this atmosphere,” she explains.

An additional factor is that technology dominates our lives, and we want to oppose it. “We feel that we live in a busy and busy society and that we have to constantly hurry. That is why we are increasingly returning to old crafts. Everything takes time to become more common. This applies to slow food, but also to crafts. This is like yoga for your brain “You have to work with concentration, you are busy with your hands and in the meantime you can’t scroll through your Instagram feed. It’s the perfect anti-stress factor. Even if you can’t knit or crochet yourself, you’re touched by the romantic idea of ​​literally everything looking like. The result: You’ll arrive too.” to a cute crochet top more quickly on store shelves.”

Totally a fan? Here you can buy the best pieces.

If you still need inspiration, you can take a look at Instagram. The photo app is full of modern examples. If you want to skillfully handle it, you can choose a crocheted hat or handbag. The combination of a crochet shirt – perhaps a cropped blouse – and jeans looks cute and casual. Another option: a plain crochet blouse with wide beige pants, a slightly more formal outfit is also suitable for wearing in the office. A slightly sheer dress or deux is perfect for a trip to the beach or the terrace.

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