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Fortune Chief Connor Russo Reveals Rabbit Role in 'The Masked Singer'

Fortune Chief Connor Russo Reveals Rabbit Role in ‘The Masked Singer’


He led several suspects list, received compliments for his voice and allowed him to enjoy special attention from jury member Ruth Beckmans: Vooruit President Conner Rousseau, also known as Rabbit, has come a long way on the popular TV show. masked singerAlthough he was the first to leave the final.

He was the great anonymous rabbit to the detectives. There was great panic when it turned out that he was neither Adel Al-Arabi nor Hakim Bitter. “A major achievement but totally unexpected. If I did one better episode of Bart Tomlin last season, which came out right away, I would have been satisfied,” said Conor Russo.

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How did the politician combine this with his agenda? “Recordings were in the summer when the appointments were less, and also on Sundays. In terms of the agenda, such a program in the winter would never work for me. I also said that I would not give up an important political meeting for the sake of it. masked singer† As a result, I would occasionally take singing lessons on Friday evenings until midnight. I’ll probably get feedback about it in politics, but if you’re thinking like that, you shouldn’t be involved in anything anymore. I am young and there is more to life than just politics.”

His sharing provides a nice addition. “The advice I received from a singing coach is useful during political discussions. This way I pay more attention to my breathing.”


No surprises during the epilogue. Loredana De Amicis, fiancée of Pat Krimson and singer with 2Fabiola, came in second. It turns out she was in a Ryder suit. The winner, Miss Poes, has finally been revealed as Camille Dhont, who played Camille on the music series #LikeMe and released the single Vuurwerk under her name.

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