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D-Mall: Cine is Mario Mall

D-Mall: Cine is Mario Mall

Episode 4 of “De Mol” was also great. Pineapple, bananas and pizza dough were thrown around, but for the most part there was a lot of banter. And the mole hunters weren't sitting still on the X either. These are the funniest tweets about the fourth episode of the series “De Mol”.

Episode 4 of “De Mol” was once again full of crazy missions and plot twists. Fortunately, X provides a quick overview for those who haven't watched the episode yet – shame on you heretics!

Although the entire episode was fantastically put together, there was one thing that really stood out: the similarities between Senne and Mario.

This is reason enough for some to definitively crown him a mole.

Although others are no longer too interested in the role Senne plays, as long as he stays in the game.

However, according to some observant viewers, that cat appears to have a bigger role than initially thought.

According to others, the cat is simply the winner of the game.

Finally, we were also introduced to a whole new species of cat: the octopus.

Although Michael's guesses as to the ingredients weren't great either.

Fortunately he's better at laying tubes *cough.

However, many Twitter users consider him the ultimate goofy mole.

Although we really don't know anymore.

What we do agree on is how great it is to produce “De Mol” again this year.

We imagine that the meetings will be like this behind the scenes.

Talk about a top job!

As always, D-Mall is your source for everyday landmarks. Whether your name is SpongeBob…

Ben Waits…

Or that couple who tried to smuggle stones from Türkiye to their homeland.

“De Mol” is truly for everyone, including every Belgian who was enjoying the Sunday afternoon sun on a balcony yesterday.

Even though we were all stuck to our post at 8pm!

One thing is certain: from now on, Sunday is not only Mole Day, but also Pizza Day!

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