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'Troy' by Sinead O'Connor is at number one on Radio 1 Classics 1000 |  is reading

'Troy' by Sinead O'Connor is at number one on Radio 1 Classics 1000 | is reading

Just like last year, The Beatles had the most ratings. They are up there with 22 songs, which is two songs less than last year. He is followed by David Bowie with eighteen songs and Neil Young with fourteen songs. Fleetwood Mac and the Rolling Stones are represented by twelve songs each.

Five solo artists are featured with five songs each. They are Adele, Joni Mitchell, Kate Bush, Nina Simone and Patti Smith.

Most rankings for a Dutch-speaking artist go to Boudewijn De Groot and Raymond van Het Groenewoud, with four songs each.

The best represented Belgian is Jacques Brel, who has participated in Radio 1's Classics 1000 seven times.

The Strongest Climber is Marlin on the Wall by Suzanne Vega. Last year the number reached 1,000, and this year it reached 92. This is a huge jump of 908 places. In the Top 100 list we also welcome some other surprise artists: Je veux by Zaz at 88 years old, Motherland by Nathalie Merchant at 86 years old, and The Best by Tina Turner at 79 years old.


The strongest climbers

  • +908 Suzanne Vega – Marilyn on the Wall (1000 > 92)
  • +778 Assassins – Mr. The bright side (985 > 207)
  • +750 Jeff Buckley – Grace (931 > 181)
  • ​+729 Norah Jones – I don't know why (844 > 115)
  • ​+721 Paolo Nutini – Iron Sky (869 > 148)
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