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De Ketelaere vs. Verschaeren: Roberto Martinez analyzes the crown prince in the run-up to the summit |  Jupiler Pro League

De Ketelaere vs. Verschaeren: Roberto Martinez analyzes the crown prince in the run-up to the summit | Jupiler Pro League

The two crown princes, from their club and from Belgian football, will face each other on Sunday. Charles De Ketelaere shines this season in Club Brugge. Jari Verchaeren is making a comeback after a difficult period in Anderlecht. How does national team coach Roberto Martinez view their current development just over a year before the World Cup?

Charles de Kettleri and Jari Verchatteren are peers, born in 2001. They are both blessed with undeniable football talent, but Thoroughbreds trot at a different pace.

De Kitleuri is playing his third season with Club Brugge. In each season, the number of goals, assists, creation of chances, shots on goal and expected goals increased.

Vershire has more season over the counter in the first team, but his performances are more varied. His first season was better than his second and his third season better than what he showed this season. It has reappeared in recent weeks.

“Jari is feeling the consequences of his development from last season, when he didn’t play well enough,” says Roberto Martinez. “The national coach gets the numbers.” Last season he played far fewer minutes than Charles. “

I think the development of De Ketelaere is a catalyst and incentive for Verschaeren.

Verschaeren is credited with not blaming anyone for a difficult past season.

Martinez for Verschaeren

A serious ankle injury hampered Verschern. He injured himself in December of last year and was sidelined for nearly three months. The result: 1,350 minutes played in competition, compared to 2,511 minutes for De Ketelaere.

Does injury impede the development of Virchatrin?

Martinez: “But you don’t only learn when everything is going well. As a young player, there will always come a time when you face obstacles. It’s thanks to Jari that he didn’t blame anyone for a difficult last season.”

“Charles and Yari have had a completely different learning curve. De Ketelaere has grown exponentially in the past 14 months by playing important matches against strong opponents.”

“Yari has grown by having to show maturity and responsibility in difficult moments. You can now also see that in U21, where he has become a real captain.”

Would Jare Verchatterin be more advanced today if he played at Club Brugge?

“If only he would have spent more minutes there. You are given clues and assignments as a young player, but there is no better school than the match itself. Especially in matches against the best, like City or PSG.”

Is it difficult for Vershatteren to see that one peer suddenly stands further?

“No, I think Verschaeren knows how important he is to the Red Devils and is held in high esteem. At the same time, he knows he’s on a different path because of what happened last season. I think De Ketelaere’s development is more than a motivator for Verschaeren.”

Martinez up De Ketelaere

What do you expect De Ketelaere to offer you this season?

“He has become a decisive player choosing his moments. This is impressive for a young player. The challenge for him is to continue doing that for the next six months.”

“He was a young player for Club Brugge. Now he’s Charles de Kitleri. Opponents play against him differently. I’m looking forward to seeing if he can maintain the same level for the rest of the season.”

Is he ready to go abroad?

“It will be a personal decision, but the next 10 months are unique because the World Cup is coming up in less than a year. The examples of Hans Vanaken and Youri Tielemans prove that you should only leave when you feel ready. To pass when you can no longer grow in Belgium.”

If he keeps playing this way, does De Ketelaere really have a chance of picking the World Cup?

“Absolute. We create an atmosphere where players have to fight for their seats and it helps you play a lot. This is a requirement that a young player makes the final choice. Sometimes more experienced players can be selected based on specific qualities, even if they play less.”

“His progress in recent international breaks has been impressive, I really don’t know where his limits are.”

The prerequisite for a young player to choose the World Cup is to play a lot.

With the Red Devils?

Do you really think that they can be compared as players?

“The similarities between the two are huge. Their greatest technical ability is that they can fall short. This is especially important in modern football. This way they can turn possession into a danger.”

“They do it in a completely different way. One with the left and the other with the right, but they can play space and timing really well. They also have the same personality. They know very well what to instill in the team and they never hide. They also share their technical skills.”

Can they play together for the Red Devils?

“I am convinced of that. You can immediately see the chemistry between the two. I saw them play together in an under-21 match in Kazakhstan in the summer. In difficult conditions and against a difficult opponent, the chemistry was amazing.”

“It was like looking through a small window into the future. It could be in 5 years or 7 years or 10 years, no one knows. But they are very similar in terms of their qualities, their insight and that chemistry.”

I saw them play together at U21 in the summer. It was like looking into the future through a small window.

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